Producing the Next Generation of Environmental Inspectors

Producing the Next Generation of Environmental Inspectors

Producing the Next Generation of Environmental Inspectors

Take Your Career to the Next Level




What We Offer

  • CEIT, LLC, or Certified Environmental Inspection Training, will help you advance your career by providing you with exceptional environmental inspector training.
  • We aim to engage the next generation of inspectors in cultivating a positive culture of compliance in every step of energy infrastructure construction with our Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI) program.


Mission Statement

It is the goal of CEIT, LLC to train current and future environmental professionals to excel in the energy industry. We will ensure that every inspector who comes through our classroom will leave with:

1. A broad-based knowledge of industry practices for compliance during construction.

2. A commitment to excellence in service during field inspection.

3. A commitment to leadership and mentoring other field staff.

4. A commitment to serve the environment and project compliance first and last.

5. A promise to educate others on how our industry works with the goal to dispel myths surrounding energy construction.

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Cultivating a Positive Culture of Compliance

In the past, projects like the DAPL and Rover have been taken advantage of by the mainstream media and our industry has been portrayed as a group of people who willingly destroy land and resources. These are myths and misconceptions that have to be changed through education. 

Raising the Bar for Environmental Inspection

Our company has an active campaign to educate people on environmental compliance. We realized that environmental inspectors are not placed on the same level as craft inspectors. For example, coating inspectors need to obtain a NACE coating certification, a welding inspector must obtain an API Certified Welding Inspector certification and general inspection staff is required to have an API 1169.

With this in mind, our training program raises environmental inspection to the level of other crafts since we provide certifications that can help you take your career to the next level. With the advent of a national CEI organization, our Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI) program will put a face on who we are as an industry.

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Get More Information

If you would like to learn more about our environmental inspector training program, reach out to us today. We will gladly answer all your questions and concerns.